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Automatic Blow Mould Machine

  • Product Name:  Automatic Blow Mould Machine
  • Price:  $5000.00
  • Model NO.:  BG-BLMA005
  • Size:  1200mm*600mm*700mm
  • Origin:  china
  • Packing:  wooden case
  • Brand Name:  borgmould
  • Delivery Time:  30days
  • Minimum Order:  1set
  • Supply Ability:  50sets per month
  • Quality System Certification:  ISO
  • Product Details:  Automatic Blow Mould Machine

Automatic Blow Mould Machine

Modular unit design, minimal space, and flexible parts
Linear structure, using the special material to make the side plate, and the wheel without nook, working smoothly
Apply stainless steel ring-shaped anti-pinch device and aluminum cooling device to protect the neck of bottle from distortion while heating, thus improve leak-proofness between bottles and caps, and prolong the guarantee period.
Each heat-balancing device with independent infrared lamps guarantee the uniformity of the color of the bottle and enhance yield rate of the products.
Apply large flow blowing device with the features of being able to pre-blow and adjust.
Apply pre-blowing and blowing device with photoelectric control, bringing no influence to stretching time by the fluctuation of air pressure, thus realizing same thinkness for the whole bottle.

Theoretical output 1000-1300pcs/hr 500-700pcs/hr
Max.container volume 1.5L 5L
Max.neck diameter 80mm 120mm
Max.container diameter 105mm 200mm
Max.container height 330mm 350mm


Max.heating power 24kw 36kw
Installation power 24.5kw 40kw
Actual power consumption 10-15kw 16-20kw


Operatating pressure 7kg/c 7kg/c
Low pressure consuming 1000Ltr/min 1200Ltr/min
Blowing pressure ≤30kg/c ≤30kg/c
High pressure consuming 1200-1600Ltr/min 1500-2100Ltr/min


Operating pressure 0.3-0.5mpa 0.3-0.5mpa
Temperatuer 3-10℃ 3-10℃
Flow rater 30L/min 50L/min


Machine dimension 2.4x1.6x1.8(m) 2.2x.1.8x1.7(m)
Machine weight 1.5T 2.8T
Feeding Machine dimension 2.3x1.1x2.2(m) 2.4x1.1x2.2(m)
Feeding Machine weight 0.25T 0.25T